Our StoryThe story of 7 Ktimata+


Kastritsiou 5 Thessaloniki, 54623
2310 287750

7 Ktimata + is situated in the centre of Thessaloniki, in a beautiful venue that becomes even warmer with your presence. It is simply a great Greek restaurant.
Do note that the locals of Thessaloniki are an extra demanding bunch, because in this city there are plenty of taverns and bars; in any month three could be closing and another thirteen opening. 7 ktimata + is not just a tavern though. It is situated on number 5, Kastritsiou street, straight up from Karolou Deal street, downtown, right in the heart of the city. In the most appropriate area for a good food place, opposite the fountain in Athonos square.

7 ktimataIt’s called 7 Ktimata because here you will find 42 wine labels from seven selected, small vineyards or estates (ktimata) in Makedonia as well as Raki, Grappa, Rakomelo and Vermouth. Particularly in Greece a small produce of wine equals a masterpiece. That’s why it’s called 7 estates, but not only that, as the name is accompanied by the + symbol. Everything in this place is certainly a plus. If you’re looking for a minus, stop now as you won’t find any. This is certainly a steady talk of the town story! To begin, we recommend starting with our wide variety of cheeses. They’re well priced, between 2 and 4 euros, with notable quantity, quality and flavours. Next, we suggest trying our extensive range of cold meats and sausages. Now that your taste buds are tingling, we recommend moving on to any of our larger dishes, appetisers, salads or mains.

You can choose from a selection of Greek dishes such as black big sausages, wild boar sausages, buffalo burgers, pork knuckles served with blue cheese, as well as excellent quality seafood, samphire with white tuna from Alonissos, creative cold meats and cheese assortments. Plus many more flavours from different parts of Greece, which will make for a very tasty experience. All home-cooked by Mr. Lazaros. The incredible thing about 7 ktimata + is that the assortments start from 6 euros per bottle (!!!) and with 1 single euro you can try whichever wine you want, as many times as you like. 7 ktimata + fits exactly that concept of hanging out our friends have been describing for years: "We’d like to go for a glass of wine, not to eat a whole lot, but also not to pay high prices and end up going hungry. To listen to a little bit of music but not get a headache from it, somewhere where we are able to talk. With someone who can fuss over us a little, make suggestions on what to drink and what to accompany it with".

karafaThere’s nothing better than hanging out all together in the afternoon, going for a quick tsipouro accompanied by a seafood variety. The younger might start in the morning, as on the menu you can find any type of coffee or hot drink you can imagine (to take away as well); then continue at noon with something very tasty and served quickly, for example a variety of cheeses and cold meats or sausages or whatever else whets your appetite.This is not your typical wine bar either. Whatever we’ve known so far as a wine bar style in Thessaloniki, wasn’t always good enough; it was somewhat cold or impersonal, maybe overpriced, or nothing worthwhile to ignite our taste buds and please our tummies.


7 ktimata + is unrelated to the above associations. It’s possibly a venue that was missing, one that also surprises us with its unusual name. Then what is it? Do not fret: Lazaros is more than happy to elaborate on the story of 7+. It’s actually a bistro, but one that wasn’t uprooted from Paris, since the menu of wines and flavours on offer is built with the extended knowledge of parts of the Greek tradition.

7 ktimata + is lastly a particularly cosy bistro. The venue has a lot of character and the decor is a model of good taste. There are specially designed corners for various numbers of people as well as for single diners. If you’d like to come and try it out alone, you can grab a seat in either of the two, stylish and superbly comfortable, elevated benches as well as at the beautiful and very discreet bar at the rear. Decorations that carry the history of this space are displayed all around you.

It’s really hard to decide then which is 7 ktimata +’ strong point: drinking or eating!