Drinks menu


Cold Appetizers

Goat cheese
with oil and savory
Goat cheese medallions
with chili and basil
Goat cheese
with houndberry
Dill salad
with olive rings and smoked paprika
Spicy pepper salad
with nachos
Dolmadakia gialantzi
(vine rolls with rice) with tanomeze
Cretan dakos
with goat cheese and capers
Smoked sardines
Smoked mackerel
with onion bulbs
Salmon pastrami
White tuna from Alonnisos Island
with sea fennel and lemon paste
Smoked mussels
with black striftari
Smoked octopus
Ouzo /Tsipouro platter
for 2

Hot Appetizers

with tomato, mozzarella and basil
with tomato and prosciutto
Fennel pie
with sour milk and poppy seeds
Sfakiani Madam-Mizithra
cheese pie with a fried egg
with fried eggs
with pepper and lemon
Wild boar kavourmas
Giant mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms
with goat butter and garlic paste

Grilled Cheese

Spicy Camember
with onions and peppers
from Limnos Island
with honey and pink pepper
Goat cheese
with spearmint and jam
Roumeliotiko perivoli
with, candied olive
with paprika and strawberry jam
Haloumi cheese
grilled with sesame and tomato jam
Mastelo from Chios Island
flavored with mastic liqueur
Cretan Mastixoto
with thyme and spearmint
Bagios cheese
with sesame, almonds and myrtle
Oil cheese from Zakynthos Island
with olive-apple jam
Smoked Talagani
with peach chutney
with rose chutney and walnuts or honeycomb
Gilomeni manoura from Sifnos Island
with a variety of jams


Potato salad
with sea fennels, olive rings and cappers
Green Musclan
5 kinds of fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, corn, honey-mustard sauce and 2 balsamic creams
Beetroot salad
Beetroot, baby rocket, apple, walnuts, ginger, croutons
“7 Ktimata+” salad
Baby spinach, avocado, myrtle, toulomotiri cheese, roasted almons, poppy seeds and onion bolbs

Main Dishes

Sausage platter
for wine or beer
Sausage platter
“tis pareas” (for more people)
Beef sausage
with metsovone cheese (2pcs)
Sausage from Mytilene Island
with chicken
Black boar sausage
comes with graviera cheese
Pork roll
wrapped in pork pancetta
Smoked gratin steak
with graviera cheese
cured in red dry wine with plums
“Apaki”(pork or chicken)
with apricots and wine
Knuckle of ham
with mustard sauce
Knuckle of ham
with blue cheese sauce and “skioufixta” (traditional Cretan pasta)
Pork ribs
with marinated in spicy spices or oregano (for 2)


Kaimaki ice cream
with espresso
with chocolate and amarena
Kazan dipi
traditional cream dessert
COCOOWA ‐ wild chocolate
Homemade chocolate (choose from our variety)

If you enjoy cheese and cold cuts then you have come to the right place.

“7 Ktimata+” dispose a significant variety of exquisite Greek and foreign cheese and cold cuts.

Feel free to ask what is recommended for the day or what goes best with your wine and we will prepare a platter for you.

Cheese platter
Cold cuts platter