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7 ktimata is located here in the center of Thessaloniki at Kastritsiou Street, it’s a cozy beautiful place whose qualities are enhanced by your presence. It’s a really good restaurant. Here you can find 42 different labels of wines of Macedonia, as well as Tsipouro, Grapa, Rakomelo and Vermouth.

You can choose over a variety of Greek dishes such as sausage made of black swine, wild boar meat, buffalo burger, and sea fennels with white tuna of Aloniso, supreme quality of salted products, shank with blue cheese, unique compositions of cold cuts as well as of cheese and many different tastes from all over Greece that you will be surprised to get to know.

Summer Grill



  • Tsipouro, Grapa, Raki 100ml

  • Tsipouro, Grapa, Raki 200ml

  • Rakomelo(Raki with honey) 250ml

  • Sweet wine (Vermouth) 1 glass

Bottled Tsipouro Apostolaki

  • With or without anise 50ml

  • With or without anise 200ml

Ouzo Apostolaki

  • Ouzo Apostolaki 200ml


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7 Ktimata+
Kastritsiou 5, Athwnos Square
Phone Number: (+30)2310 287750, Thessaloniki
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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